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Dear All,
I had written a sp given below
when i run in sql command successful,but data not filled in that table.
can any body provide the clue to find out problem.
create procedure sp_quatweek2
as begin
set nocount on 
declare @intcount int
declare @intwk_id int
set @intcount=1
set @intwk_id=1
declare @today date 
set @today=GETDATE() 
declare @fromdate date
declare @todate date
set @fromdate=DATEADD(day,0,@today)
set @todate=DATEADD(day,6,@today)
insert into quat_week(quatfrom)values(@today)
set @today=DATEADD(day,6,@today)
set @intwk_id=@intwk_id+1
set @intcount=@intcount+1
select * from quat_week with(nolock)
Updated 14-May-12 2:03am
jdarknight 14-May-12 7:17am    
I have created a table quat_week with 1 column quatfrom (of type date). and ran ur SP. When i execute ur SP i got the data inserted in to the table quat_week. What is your problem? have u ran the query in sql query editor.
jvamsikrishna 14-May-12 10:32am    
thanks for your reply on my query

1 solution

SQL Server Profiler is a rich interface to create and manage traces and analyze and replay trace results. You can use the SQL built in tool to find out the actual result.

If you are new to SQL profiler, you can refer the step by step tutorial at[^]
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