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I am trying to convert a String like "05/30/2012" to a Date as same like "05/30/2012" and im using these codes.

DateFormat formatter = new SimpleDateFormat("MM/dd/yyyy");
Date d1=formatter.parse("05/30/2012");

But these codes compile result is :
"Wed May 30 00:00:00 EEST 2012"
I need "05/30/2012".Thanks for any help.

Note: Guys iam trying to convert String to Date.I have a Date column in Database.I dont want to change it's format.I just want 05/30/2012 in my database but as a Date class not a String
Updated 14-May-12 1:29am

Please refer following CP Article:
Formatting a DateTime for display - format string description[^]

also refer DateTime.Parse Method (String)[^]

or else
You can parse user input like this:
DateTime enteredDate = DateTime.Parse(enteredString);

If you have a specific format for the string, you should use the other method:
DateTime loadedDate = DateTime.ParseExact(loadedString, "d", null);

"d" stands for the short date pattern (see MSDN[^] for more info) and null specifies that the current culture should be used for parsing the string.

For Java:
Please refer following threads:
Convert String to Date[^]
JavaScript Date Format[^]
JavaScript Data Object Examples: Javascript Convert String to Date[^]

Have a look on this Similar discussion[^]

Hope it helps!
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SercanOzdemir 14-May-12 7:30am    
i need it in Java and please read again i edited question.
Prasad_Kulkarni 14-May-12 7:43am    
please see updated answer..
Ed Nutting 14-May-12 7:45am    
The problem lies in the OP's use of println not in the date parsing - it is parsed correctly but printed in the console in a format he doesn't like. You need to provide links to Date to String conversion for OP to get the answer to his real problem. My 4+ anyway...
Prasad_Kulkarni 14-May-12 7:49am    
Thanks Ed Nutting!
try like this:

DateTime date = DateTime.Now;
        String.Format("{0:MM/dd/yyyy}", date); 
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SercanOzdemir 14-May-12 7:30am    
Please read question again i edited it.
tanweer 14-May-12 7:49am    
sorry we are away from JAVA!!!!!!!!
u can also try :

i.e convert required string in datetime object and then use .ToString("MM/dd/yyyy").
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SercanOzdemir 14-May-12 7:31am    
No i need it in JAVA!please read question and examine Tags.
I've solved!!
I changed it to java.sql.Date format and now it shows 05/30/2012 Thanks anyway.
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