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My page contains:
1- An asp:treeview nodes (item_Name,item_Id) getting data from database.
2- iframe with a link to an external page with a parameter
The user should select an item (tree node) to populate the iframe source(src) dynamically according to the selected node value (item_id).
the iframe:
<iframe id="myFrame"  runat="server" 
frameborder="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" border="0" src="" scrolling="yes"  ></iframe>

I created javascript function to change the iframe src link .. as follows:
setframe() script:

function setFrameUrl(id){
newUrl = ''+ id 
document.getElementById('myFrame').src = newUrl;}

Attribute added to treeview at pageload :

treeView1.Attributes.Add("SelectedNodeChanged","return setFrameUrl('" +treeView1.ClientID + "')");

my problem the <iframe> not changing with a selection!
what is the best way to do it?
Updated 14-May-12 11:51am
Steve Echols 15-May-12 0:17am    
Do you get an error in FireBug console? Have you tried to put a break point in setFrameUrl function using FireBug, to see if your function is even being called?
Member 3812793 15-May-12 3:31am     CRLF
Yes, for the setFrameUrl()function the firebug said:event is not defined. how to fix that?

1 solution

I think you're confusing dom element events and .net events. SelectedNodeChanged is an server side event that you can handle when during a postback.

Have a look at this article: ASP.NET TreeView Control & the Client's Browser[^]
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