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How to send messages to an IP Address or MAC Address in a stream.

The project is that I want to send commands to a wireless plane by using my local pc from wireless network card because I make a ciruit in the plane to accept command via WiFi. I use ping to show if there is a connection. If the ping gives a reply I want to send a command called Aviation and another command.

If you please help me,
Updated 15-May-12 10:02am
Ed Nutting 15-May-12 16:05pm    
Edit of question: Improved English/grammar to make the question clearer (did my best guess as to what OP meant) so it makes sense now and sounds like a vaguely sensible question.

In response to OP, where exactly are you stuck? Have you managed to get a WiFi connection and ping working? Is it the code for doing the message sending that you are having a problem with? Try looking at TCP connections/streams - this should be what you need.

Hope this helps,

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Send message? This is not exactly how it works. You can send a message only if there is something listening to the message, some other code. Basically, I would advise to use TPC transport. In this case, one side is called server side and listens to incoming connection and another part is called a client part; it connects to the channel using IP address or its equivalent and the IP port. Of course, the same application can play a role of server or a client at the same time, as it can use several threads and channels. A server part needs at least two network threads: one listening for new connections, another one reading/writing from/to network streams.

There are several levels of networking you can use. I provided my short overview of them in my past answers:
how i can send byte[] to other pc[^],
Communication b/w two Windows applications on LAN.[^].

You can get general ideas of the architecture from my past answer:
Multple clients from same port Number[^].

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Maciej Los 15-May-12 16:32pm    
Good answer and links ;) 5!
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 15-May-12 17:28pm    
Thank you,
headlinear 30-May-12 15:53pm    
Thanks a lot BW for you

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