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CDatabase db;
CRecordset rcd;
rcd.Open(CRecordset::forwardOnly, "SELECT * FROM [sheet1$]", CRecordset::readOnly);

In this example it's assumed that the table name is "sheet1". But when I don't know the name, how can I get it?
Thanks in advance.

1 solution

You can get the list of table names from a database using the SQLTables function.

// Example code for a CDatabase derived class to read Excel files
//  using the ODBC driver.
// Fill CStringArray with list of table names.
// System tables are Excel sheets (trailing dollar sign).
// Normal tables are named ranges (no trailing dollar sign). 
bool CMyDatabase::GetSheetNames(CStringArray& arr) const
    SQLHSTMT hst = NULL;
    SQLRETURN nSqlResult = ::SQLAllocHandle(SQL_HANDLE_STMT, m_hdbc, &hst);
    if (!SQL_SUCCEEDED(nSqlResult))
        TRACE1("Error %d in SQLAllocHandle()\n", nSqlResult);
        nSqlResult = ::SQLTables(hst, NULL, 0, NULL, 0, NULL, 0, NULL, 0);
        if (!SQL_SUCCEEDED(nSqlResult))
            TRACE1("Error %d in SQLTables()\n", nSqlResult);
            // Col 1, TABLE_CAT:   File name
            // Col 2, TABLE_SCHEM: Not used with Excel
            // Col 3, TABLE_NAME:  Table name
            // Col 4, TABLE_TYPE:  Table type (e.g. TABLE, SYSTEM TABLE)
            // Col 5, REMARKS:     Not used with Excel
            // Max. sizes may be retrieved using SQLGetInfo().
            // 64 for Excel ODBC driver
            SQLTCHAR szName[64];
            //SQLTCHAR szType[64];
            SQLINTEGER cbName;
            //SQLINTEGER cbType;
            ::SQLBindCol(hst, 3, SQL_C_TCHAR, szName, sizeof(szName), &cbName);
            //::SQLBindCol(hst, 4, SQL_C_TCHAR, szType, sizeof(szType), &cbType);
            while ((nSqlResult = ::SQLFetch(hst)) != SQL_NO_DATA) 
                if (SQL_SUCCEEDED(nSqlResult))
                else // if (SQL_ERROR == nSqlResult)
                    TRACE1("Error %d fetching SQLTables\n", nSqlResult);
        ::SQLFreeHandle(SQL_HANDLE_STMT, hst);
    return SQL_NO_DATA == nSqlResult && arr.GetSize();

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