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I am developing a web application in C#. I want to export my data to a pdf file. How can i do that? Plz help me.

Thanking you
Updated 21-Apr-19 8:52am
sravani.v 16-May-12 6:58am
What data you want to export(gridview or else..)?
jagadeeshmn 16-May-12 7:02am
GRID VIEW..sry for not mentioning in the question
Deepika615 15-Jun-15 2:50am
is there any solution without using itextSharp?
[no name] 19-Apr-19 11:42am
Hello! I would like to recommend I used it to export my data to a pdf file. It's really convenient and easy to use. Go check the website for more information. It helped a lot!
Fikri AZR 10-Jan-20 6:24am
how to use ?

ITextSharp[^] is a good API for this kind of tasks. Here[^] is a good tutorial on how to export some data to PDF using this API.
Prasad_Kulkarni 23-May-12 0:41am
Good links 5!
P.Salini 23-May-12 4:52am
Thank you Prasad.
Here are the samples on

Exporting a DataGridView to an Excel/PDF/image file by using Reporting Services report generation:
Exporting a DataGridView to an Excel/PDF/image file by using Reporting Services report generation[^]

Creating PDF Tables using C# (.NET 2.0) and iTextSharp:
Creating PDF Tables using C# (.NET 2.0) and iTextSharp[^]

Tutorials on creating PDF files using C# 2.0:
Tutorials on creating PDF files using C# 2.0[^]

If you have any questions, please feel free to tell us.
Prasad_Kulkarni 19-Jul-12 4:51am
Good links +5!
Member 10378236 4-Nov-13 3:30am
Same thing i wana do with panel, I wanto export all contect of a particular panel.
Refer this, if you get some needful..

protected void ExportToPDF(object sender, EventArgs e)
    //Get the data from database into datatable
    string strQuery = "select CustomerID, ContactName, City, PostalCode" + 
      " from customers";
    SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand(strQuery);
    DataTable dt = GetData(cmd);
    //Create a dummy GridView
    GridView GridView1 = new GridView();
    GridView1.AllowPaging = false;
    GridView1.DataSource = dt;
    Response.ContentType = "application/pdf";
    StringWriter sw = new StringWriter();
    HtmlTextWriter hw = new HtmlTextWriter(sw);
    StringReader sr = new StringReader(sw.ToString());
    Document pdfDoc = new Document(PageSize.A4, 10f, 10f, 10f, 0f);
    HTMLWorker htmlparser = new HTMLWorker(pdfDoc);
    PdfWriter.GetInstance(pdfDoc, Response.OutputStream);
jdang 19-Oct-12 12:19pm
Is PdfWrtier free?
Member 11210751 7-Jan-15 2:21am what is the Htmltextwriter and they are class names.if its classes what i wrote the code in that classes?please give me the answer as soon as possible
First u export PDF file in your data,

The best idea for create crystal report used expert option.
You can use free print to PDF software, like cutePDF printer (not writer!!!)....

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