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My website works great in Google's Chrome and also in Mozilla's Firefox, but the problem occurs in Internet Explorer. I tried getting it to work for 3 hours, but was not successfull.
Updated 21-May-12 2:13am
Ed Nutting 18-May-12 7:51am
So what is the problem? All you've told is that there is one, not what it is...! Include the error message or problem description, any code that produces the problem and a description of what you were trying to do. Please use the Improve Question link at the bottom right of your question to update it. Do not repost.

[no name] 18-May-12 7:52am
How are we supposed to answer this? Read your mind? You have not given any details about what you trying to do and what errors you are encountering.

1 solution

Normally, when a website works in Chrome and Firefox, but doesn't behave itself in IE, it means that there are issues with the JavaScript you've used and/or the CSS on the site. If it's a layout problem, it could be the JavaScript AND the CSS, or it could just be the CSS.

What you are going to need to do is tedious I'm afraid, and is going to involve a lot of using the development tools in Internet Explorer (you can access them via F12) to halt processing in your JavaScript and inspect the DOM, and also to explore the styling of your interface.

As you haven't said what the problem actually is, this is as much help as you are going to get I'm afraid.

For future reference, never just say that something isn't working. You have to say what the problem is as well.

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