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i installed nba2k12 from the internet. i had to mount that image using a deamon pro tool. i installed the game as per the instructions and was able to run the game for the first time. but the next time the game was running very slow, so i tried to repair the file using an option in the add or remove program. but that did'nt solve the problem. now the game is not running at all and i even cant uninstall it. the computer is showing an error as"unable to locate file/."

Edit: Removed C++ tag as it was it had nothing to do with C++ whatsoever. Added installer tag as I couldn't see a warez one.
Updated 18-May-12 4:01am
Code-o-mat 18-May-12 9:06am
I believe you are at the wrong forum/message board here, this site is for software developpers, programmers...i suggest visiting the game publisher's site or game-related forums. Good luck with solving your problem.
Aescleal 18-May-12 9:59am
That was a very polite response. I think I might have just said something like "FOAD warezboy."
Code-o-mat 18-May-12 10:05am
Thanks, i think... :)
Aescleal 18-May-12 10:13am
I did actually mean it - it's a bit rich coming to a site where there are professional software engineers and asking how to remove something you've copied illegally.

He didn't even have the sense to say "I've downloaded a no-CD hack for <game> 'cause I don't like a CD whirring away in the drive..."
Code-o-mat 18-May-12 10:16am
Well, maybe he downloaded it after paying for it online or something... but you are right, that's not likely...

1 solution

Buy the game legally!

And the next time ask the question at "Yahoo answers" or a gaming forum, NOT a hardcore development community site ;)


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