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Below error is thrown in a already opened program which connects to different database
A transport-level error has occurred when sending the request to the server. (provider: TCP Provider, error: 0 - An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.)
Program details: code done using with MSSQL 2008 as back-end
Two instance of same exe where running simultaneously in same PC but error was thrown only by one instance
Program uses both sqlconnection(ADO.NET) and ADODB connection(upgraded from VB6) and the error is thrown by both types of connection
If the error is due to network problem with the server then why few programs work fine? I am not able to trace the reason for this behavior of the program
Can I know why this error occurs and why only in few programs of same instance
Updated 19-May-12 2:21am

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srikrishnathanthri 21-May-12 2:45am    
Please provide me with details relating to TOE/Chimney
srikrishnathanthri 22-May-12 7:50am    
I executed the below commnad in Command promt in My server which displayed as below
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>netsh int tcp show global
WARNING: Could not obtain host information from machine: [PC2]. Some commands may not be available.
The following command was not found: int tcp show global.

Also I looked through the registry, and the TCPChimney related settings seems to be disabled.EnableTCPChimney,EnableTCPA,EnableRSS all have Data set to 0
If SNP related features are disabled then still why I am getting the error?
Server Details: Microsoft Windows Server R2(SP2),Standard x64 Edition
srikrishnathanthri 22-May-12 9:04am    
In the client machine under Network Configuration Utility => Advanced Tab I have "TCP/IP offloading" options enable for IPv4 Checksum offload,TCP Checksum offload(IPv4), UPD Checksum offload(IPv4)
Whether the connection error is related to this setting?
Wendelius 22-May-12 14:30pm    
You could try changing the value, but as said, if the problem occurs only in one machine, you can compare the settings to a working machine and also check that you don't have hardware related problems (from event log)
srikrishnathanthri 23-May-12 0:41am    
May I know which event log you are relating?

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