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Am developing a project in which am getting dynamic text boxes on button click, am not getting how to insert data in dynamic text boxes to data base on clicking submit button.Its urgent help me.

my .cs page looks like this

protected void btn1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
        int a = 3;
        for (; a <= 5; a++)
            TextBox lndline = new TextBox();
            lndline.ID = "lndline_txt" + a;
            Literal li1 = new Literal();
            li1.Text = "";
        int b = 1;
        if (b==1)
            btn1.Enabled = false;

help me inserting the data to database.
Updated 18-May-12 22:10pm

Since you haven't posted anything that's related to the insertion in the database, the list of the steps are:
- Open a connection, see: SqlConnection[^]
- Create an SqlCommand[^]
- Add proper parameters, see SqlParameter[^]
- Set the values of the parameters
- Start a transaction, see SqlTransaction[^]
- Execute the command
- Commit or rollback the transaction depending on the success of the execution
- Close the connection
- Dispose the objects
Use following
List<string> list_txt_values=GetTxtValues();// Here you gets values of dynamically //created text boxes
// Now Call Your Function To Insert values in Database 

List<string> GetTxtValues()
List<string> list_txt_values = new List<string>();
  foreach(Control ctr in r1_tc2.Controls)
    if(ctr.GetType().Name=="TextBox" && ((TextBox)ctr).Id.Contains("lndline_txt"))
      list_txt_values.Add(((TextBox)ctr).Text) ;
return list_txt_values; 

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