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Hi I have such a phrase:

I want to know how is the type of this character.
Is it Unicode, UTF8, UTF16 or something else?
Is there any way to recognize it?


1 solution

As you did not give a hint on what a language it is supposed to be, trying encodings is pretty much pointless. Most likely, this is some sequence on some language which makes no sense; I can tell it by looking on repetition pattern. It looks like Cyrillic ISO-8859-5 "У›ТЕУ›ТЕУ›ТЕУ›ТА" ("Ute-ute-ute-uta"), "쎛습쎛습쎛습쎛슰" in UTF-16, etc.

If you have some clue, here is one idea how to try out possible variants quick. Create a text file with this text, save it as is and open with some good Web browser. It should have a menu item like "View" -> "Character Encoding" where you can try things out; it can even have auto-detect option, but you should suggest an expected language.


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