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I Want to split the string which contains '1,2,'....which contains in ProgrammId column.. I declared programmid as varchar in stored procedure but in table structure it is declared as int.... So help me i am struck with the query...

while charindex(',',@PROGRAMID) <> 0
DECLARE @var1 nvarchar(30)

select @var1=substring(@PROGRAMID,1,(charindex(',',@PROGRAMID)-1))

INSERT INTO dbo.Table_ProgramJoinDetails(ProgramId ,UserId,programjoindate,programenddate,Slotid)VALUES  (@var1 ,@USERID,@slot,@slot1,@Slotid)
   --select ProgramId from Table_ProgramJoinDetails where ProgramId=CAST(@var1 AS int)

SET @PROGRAMID = substring(@PROGRAMID,charindex(',',@PROGRAMID)+1,len(@PROGRAMID))

1 solution

You can use any of the split functions from the following thread:[^]

You will get data in a table which you can join with your main table to get the required output.
Unareshraju 22-May-12 1:34am
yes prakash good url

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