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HI Friendz,
I am facing some problen while implementing this. I have a Table and three radio buttons out side the table. The radio buttons consists of the column names of the table.Now checking the radio buttons i have to sort the table accordingly..

Can anyone guide me or give some sample applications to do this
Thank you all
Updated 22-May-12 3:30am
sunandandutt 22-May-12 4:21am    
kindly elaborate your question.
sivasankari ts 22-May-12 4:21am    
Radio button for toggling sorting ascending/descending?
Jim Jos 22-May-12 5:08am    
Table you mean HTML table or Gridview where do you want to sort at client or server?
SwapnadipSaha 22-May-12 7:03am    
Hi JimJos,
Actually i'm using HTML Table and I want to sort at client side. May b Javascript or Jquery would be suitable for this since I'm using MVC3 Razor ViewEngine

1 solution

you should use RadioButtonList in place of RadioButtons
then on selectedindexchanging event of this list

Re-Fill Grid

you can use dataview for sorting
DataView dv = tblDetail.DefaultView;
dv.Sort = RadioButtonList.SelectedValue;  /// this is selected option 
GridView.DataSource = dv;

Accept as solution if your problem got solved
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SwapnadipSaha 22-May-12 7:01am    
Thank you for the response.. But here i am not using grid view. i am using HTML table only. and I/m working on mvc3.So need suggestion on Javascript or Jquery

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