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I have set xml as a dataprovider to the tree control and it's work fine.
but now i want to filter xml for Tree data provider which ever match with the input text. but filter is not working, So Please any one help me.
I am very new to the flex. need help ASAP

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<mx:Application xmlns:mx="" layout="vertical"
                              import mx.rpc.xml.SimpleXMLDecoder;
                              import mx.collections.ArrayCollection;
                              import mx.controls.Alert;
                              import mx.collections.XMLListCollection;
                              import mx.utils.ObjectUtil;
                              public var dataXML : XML =
                              <ImageGallery >
                                        <Folder Id="0" Name="My Gallery">
                                                  <Image Id="1" Name="Flex" />
                                                  <Image Id="2" Name="Flash" />
                                                  <Image Id="4" Name="Flash" />
                                                  <Image Id="5" Name="Flex4" />
                                                  <Image Id="6" Name="Media"  />
                                                  <Image Id="3" Name="Flex" />
                                                  <Image Id="7" Name="Computer" />
                                                  <Image Id="8" Name="Internet"  />
                                                  <Image Id="9" Name="Firefox" />
                                                  <Image Id="10" Name="Flex" />
                                        <Folder Id="-1" Name="Public Gallery" >
                                                  <Image Id="11" Name="Firefox" />
                                                  <Image Id="12"  Name="Internet" />
                                                  <Image Id="13"  Name="Flex4" />
                                                  <Image Id="14"  Name="Internet" />
                                                  <Image Id="15"  Name="Computer" />
                                                  <Image Id="16"  Name="Internet" />
                                                  <Image Id="17"  Name="Computer" />
                                                  <Image Id="18"  Name="Flash" />
                                                  <Folder Id="-2" Name="Sub Public Gallery" >
                                                            <Image Id="19"  Name="Flex4" />
                                                            <Image Id="20"  Name="Computer" />
                                                            <Image Id="21"  Name="Flash" />
                                                            <Image Id="22"  Name="Flash" />
                                                            <Image Id="23"  Name="Flex4" />
                                                            <Image Id="24"  Name="Internet" />
                                                            <Image Id="25"  Name="Computer" />
                                                            <Image Id="26"  Name="Flash" />
                              private var obj : XMLListCollection = new XMLListCollection();
                               private function onCreationComplete(event:FlexEvent):void
                                         obj.source = dataXML.Folder;
                                         obj.filterFunction = filterFunc as Function;
                              private function filterFunc(item:Object):Boolean
                      var bool : Boolean = item.@Name.match(new RegExp("^" + searchNameInput.text, "i"));
                      return bool;
          <mx:VBox height="100%" width="100%">
          <mx:Label text="Search"/>
          <mx:TextInput id="searchNameInput" change="obj.refresh()"/>
          <mx:Tree id="imageTree" name="TreeView" height="100%" width="100%" labelField="@Name" showRoot="false"
                     dataProvider="{dataXML}"  />
Updated 23-May-12 5:12am

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