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I have in A1 = '20-05-2012' B1 = 'NO' and I want in C1 a formula to calculate the number of days between to dates, so:

string today = DateTime.Now;

   //Here I want that C1 = '3'
   //and tomorow will C1 = '4' 
   //because the number of days between 20-05-2012 and 23-05-2012 = 3
   //and tomorrow the number of days between 20-05-2012 and 24-05-2012 = 4

How I do this in excel?
I hope you understand my question...

Updated 23-May-12 6:36am

If you want highly efficient algorithms, then you want look at:[^]
I already solve it my friend:


this gives me the number of days between two dates:



But thanks!

Richard MacCutchan 24-May-12 4:31am
Why do you need to multiply by -1? What is wrong with TODAY()-D4?
Killzone DeathMan 24-May-12 4:37am
Because ('23-05-2012') - ('24-05-2012') = -1
and (-1)*(-1) = 1
I don't know why the result is -1, but multiply by -1 it works :)
Richard MacCutchan 24-May-12 4:42am
Like I said, why not just use TODAY()-D4?
Killzone DeathMan 24-May-12 4:49am
Because...because... come on my friend, it looks more mathematically...
But 'TODAY()-D4' and '(D4-TODAY())*-1' are the same! :)
Richard MacCutchan 24-May-12 4:54am
They are indeed the same in terms of the result, but why make a formula more complicated than it needs to be? Imaging some intern 5 years from now looking at that formula and wondering why it needs the 'extra' bit of calculation.
Killzone DeathMan 24-May-12 4:58am
ok ok I understand... I was just joking...

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