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i have a master page which contains horizontal menu at the top, when i click on particular menu icon, i have to display left menu.till now ok, but after clicking left menu item my page gets refreshing and the left menu going to hide.what i have to do for not to hide the left menu. please suggest me what to do.

for example

----------------Home - About - Profile

Contact us

when i click on left side contact us menu item my left menu page refreshing and menu going to disappear. but i dont want disappearing my menu!!!!
Updated 23-May-12 19:24pm
sagar wasule 24-May-12 2:17am
can u chk out for if u can add some update panel

..m my left menu page refreshing and menu going to disappear.
It's little hard on exactly suggest best way of implementing it but surely you can achieve what you need using one of the state management techniques.

Have a look at these:
MSDN: ASP.NET State Management Overview[^]
State management in ASP.NET - 1[^]
ASP.Net State Management Techniques - 2[^]

For example, in your case, you can keep one hidden field as a flag if the left nav bar is visible or not. Once you click top horizontal menu, based on which left nav bar appears, set the flag (lets say it isLeftNavOpen) as true. Now, always in your code during page load, check if the flag is true, if so, set the visibility of the left nav as visible.

Hi... can u post the code.

Might be width and height problem and also alignment.

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