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Can any one help me out in the code for reading a text file or PDF file and search a particular word and display in textarea in jsp .....
Yes, many would be able to help you. Now, do you have other questions, of the answerable sort? How about using Google? (If they did not ban your yet, of course... :-)
Sandeep Mewara 24-May-12 2:57am
And what have you tried so far?

1 solution

Searching a text file is easy, just read the file in its entirety or line by line and scan for the word or pattern you need. With PDF you will first need to find a library (or write your own) for extracting the data, as it is not a straightforward text stream. Try the Adobe web site for the latest documentation on PDF file structure, or Google for free libraries.
nirmaljayamani 24-May-12 5:43am
Thanks for reply . but i tried output is not coming . can u send code for that .....
Richard MacCutchan 24-May-12 5:50am
No I cannot send code, you are expected to do your own work here. If you have a problem with a piece of code then edit your question, insert the code that is not working and explain exactly what the problem is, and people will try to help you.
nirmaljayamani 22-Jun-12 6:46am
i want source code
Richard MacCutchan 22-Jun-12 6:49am
And I have already told you how to find it. If you cannot be bothered to do some work for yourself, then do not be surprised if no one else can either.
nirmaljayamani 22-Jun-12 6:54am
source code
Richard MacCutchan 22-Jun-12 7:25am
Please stop posting these silly messages.

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