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There is Dropdownlist say: ddlSelectionMenu

[The dropdown contains the list of all tables in database]

There is a Button say : Submit

[On Clicking this button particular selected table should be populated in Gridview]

There is only single Gridview say : gvShowTables

[The gridview must be able to have functionality for Edit, Update, Delete, Cancel]

However, the Edit, Update operations should happen at Mouse Click Event / Mouse Double Click Event.

The functionality would be similer to what is there at:[^]

Please Help...send the code to [email removed]

Thanks in advance.
Updated 25-May-12 10:35am
RDBurmon 25-May-12 8:01am
Let us know what you have tried.
Adwaitam 28-May-12 4:29am
I have created a gridview which performs Create, Edit, Delete and Update operations on row using templatefield. I also implemented double click editing in javascript. Now what I want is that:
My gridview should be editable i.e. rows should be editable even if it binds to different tables in database with different columns.
i.e. <asp:templatefield> doesn't contain specific set of code for particular table or particular columns.
Wendelius 25-May-12 16:36pm
No need to reveal your email, you'll get notified automatically when someone answers.
Adwaitam 28-May-12 4:30am
thanx for notifying it...I will keep in mind hereafter.

1 solution

Start from here,
GridView all in one[^]
Inplace Edit in GridView[^]
Editable GridView in ASP.NET 2.0[^]

Try out, if you get stuck, post specific issue.
Adwaitam 28-May-12 4:34am
Hey Sandeep,
Thank You for your reply...but I want my gridview should be able to bind to multiple tables in the database...and also need to be editable row-wise.
Sandeep Mewara 28-May-12 4:43am
A grid can bind to ONE table at a time. Form a query such that multiple table results are collated and results into a single DataTable that can be used to bind with Grid.

Editable row wise is already explained in above links.
Adwaitam 28-May-12 4:57am
but even if we bind a datatable to gridview, is it possible to edit the columns in the gridview (which will be with respect to the different columns of various tables)?

Let Us Assume---

There is Single GridView
Initially, I bind say Emp_Address Table to the GridView so I should have Street Name, Area, City Fields editable, updatable etc.
But when I will attach say Emp_Contact Details Table, I should have Phone No, Mobile No, Email ID Columns editable in same gridview.

So, What do we need to do to achieve this scenario?
Please Suggest....

Thank You.

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