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hi experts

1. a sql server 2008 table that contains many columns and some of them are checked "not null"
like this:
create table Book(
    ID bigint identity(1,1) not null,
    Name nvarchar 50 null,
    ISBN nvarchar 10 not null,

2. in c#4, visual studio 2010, i use linq to sql. like:
var context = new Model().Books;
var query = from b in context 
    select b;

the question is , how can i get only "allowed null" columns? i want linq to sql realize if the field is "allow null" or not?
Updated 25-May-12 6:38am

This might help:[^]

There is some information on getting Nullable on msdn ([^]), but only for types. You cannot use the object.GetType() to determine if something is Nullable because if you do a GetType() on an int? you just get the result of int. This code will work with typeof() (ie typeof(int?)):

public static class Extensions
    public static bool IsNullable(this Type type)
        return type.IsGenericType
                     && (type.GetGenericTypeDefinition() == typeof(Nullable<>));

This code will work with generics;

public class x<T>
    public x()
        var x = typeof(T).IsNullable();
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Vartan Khachatourian 26-May-12 0:12am    
thank you but i didn't mean int? , i mean nullable for nvarchar. you know we don't have string? type . please give me solution exactly for my example (Book table)
Clifford Nelson 26-May-12 0:23am    
I was thinking of the classes created and completely missed the issue with NVARCHAR. Obviously there is no way to simulate as a type NVARCHAR since string is nullable.

please read this topic from stackoverflow, I think it's what you want to achieve.[^]

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Clifford Nelson 25-May-12 18:53pm    
He is looking to figure out if fields can have a null value, not if they are null.
Vartan Khachatourian 26-May-12 0:14am    
im looking to realize if field can have a null value not if it is null

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