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Iam facing a problem in retrieving the data from the database table... my question is i have one table in my database i would like to retrieve the all the data in my table except DbId how can i get this can any one help..

Thank's in Advance

1 solution

You can't do the equivilent of "SELECT * EXCEPT DbId FROM myTable" - there is no mechanism in Sql for that.

The good practice way to do it is to name all the columns you do wish to retrieve, in the order you want them:
SELECT Column1, Column3, Column2 FROM myTable
The reduces waste in the transfer, as it doesn't get columns you aren't interested in, and specifies the order if you use a numeric index when you access the retrieved data.

You could do it by creating a temporary table, copying the whole table into it, and then dropping the DbId column from the temporary table before returning the whole of that, but t would be incredibly inefficient!
SELECT * INTO #Temp FROM myTable
Divyay208 26-May-12 1:36am
Here my table is dynamically i don't no the columns names, in my project client creates the table from front end dynamically
OriginalGriff 26-May-12 3:05am
Then either he decides which columns to retrieve, or you retrieve them all.
Divyay208 5-Jun-12 1:28am
Client will decide i mean by clicking on display button the table will be displayed in gridview with out Id's

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