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I have a SQL Query with multiple columns including of type timestamp without time. I wanted to output the time as well as the count(*) and group the data by hour and by every 15 minutes. I wrote the query as below as general.

But, it is not working.

Query :
SELECT CAST(Ptime as Date) AS dt,
       extract(hour from Ptime) as hr,
       floor(extract(minute from Ptime)/15) * 15 AS mn,
       count(*) as thecount
FROM log WHERE CAST(Ptime As Date) >= '09/23/2010'
GROUP BY CAST(Ptime as Date),
         extract(hour from Ptime),
         floor(extract(minute from Ptime)/15) * 15
ORDER BY dt, hr, mn
Prasad_Kulkarni 28-May-12 8:23am    
What's the error gani??
db7uk 28-May-12 8:39am    
Extract is not (I believe) an SQL server function. It is a MySQL function. It maybe that the error is being thrown for that reason or that it does not support aggregation.
gani7787 28-May-12 9:13am    
How we can write query based on my condition in sql server...?

1 solution

using datepart function you can solve your problem

like :-
SELECT CAST(Ptime as DateTime) AS dt,datepart(month,CAST(Ptime as DateTime)),datepart(hour,CAST(Ptime as DateTime)),datepart(minute,CAST(Ptime as DateTime))

SQL 2005 DateTime Functions[^]
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