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I am having a DataGrid and need to change the color of the row in datagrid on clicking the Delete LinkButton in Datagrid.

Please help.

db7uk 29-May-12 4:27am
Will this not defeat the object? when you click delete, will the row not get deleted and your color with it?
Adwaitam 29-May-12 4:57am
i don't want to delete it
Sandeep Mewara 29-May-12 5:38am
web? winforms? what?

So, you want to highlight a row on delete click?
Adwaitam 29-May-12 8:23am
exactly...for Webforms

1 solution

You can do the following by Injecting Javascript function on onClick of link button for a grid row.

For injecting JS, you need to use RowDataBound of GridView, something like:
protected void GridView_RowDataBound(Object sender, GridViewRowEventArgs e)
   DataControlRowType rtype = e.Row.RowType;  
   if (rtype == DataControlRowType.DataRow && rtype != DataControlRowType.Footer
       && rtype != DataControlRowType.Separator && rtype != DataControlRowType.Header
       && rtype != DataControlRowType.Pager)  
      // Highligh row on click of row
      e.Row.Attributes.Add("onclick", "Highlight(this);");

Modify it for any event like mouseover or link button click, etc.

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