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Hi, I want to display the running system time on the top of the user form where they will enter the data. please guide...
[no name] 31-May-12 6:53am
String s=System.Convert.ToString(DateTime.Now);

Are you using winforms? If yes then put a label and timer on form. set the timeout to 1 second and then in the tick event set the labels text to the current time using datetime object.

in case of webforms: use javascript time object in conjunction with Setinterval or settimeout function to do the same.
in form u can take one label
in code behind u can write like this.
label1.Text = DateTime.Now.ToString();
Dear you can use Datetime Function to set the datetime of System.

String s=System.Convert.ToString(DateTime.Now);
MAKReddy 31-May-12 6:59am
this is also correct.
subhankar ruj 31-May-12 7:00am
Boss, I want to display the running time like 12:00:01, next moment it must change as system time will change like 12:00:02
[no name] 31-May-12 7:02am
so you can use the Timer and in Timer Tick event you use

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