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Hello Sir

I have two date like:
dt1=01-Jan-2012<br />
dt2=08-Feb-2012<br />

How I will calculate the date difference that it will show the rest day. Means after completion of the month the rest day part will show, e.g. if d2-d1 then it should be 1 month 7 days, then i will fetch only day means 7 days.

I have done like:
DateTime fromdate = Convert.ToDateTime(txtFromDate.Text.Trim()).Date;
       DateTime todate = Convert.ToDateTime(txtToDate.Text.Trim()).Date;

       TimeSpan tot_days = todate.Subtract(fromdate);
       int days = Convert.ToInt32(tot_days.Days);

but it is showing total days including month.

So help me.

Updated 7-Jun-12 0:48am
VJ Reddy 7-Jun-12 6:24am
For period less than one month please see my solution (4)
Thank you :)
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Solution 4

The Solution 1 given by JF2015 is good when the period between tm1 and tm2 is greater than one month. But when the period is less than one month say tm1=15-Jan-2012 and tm2=08-Feb-2012, it returns Months: 1 Days: -7.

I think the following code can be used for both when the period is more than one month and when the period is less than a month.
DateTime date1 = DateTime.ParseExact("15-Jan-2012","d-MMM-yyyy",
DateTime date2 = DateTime.ParseExact("08-Feb-2012","d-MMM-yyyy",

while(date1.AddMonths(1) < date2){
	date1 = date1.AddMonths(1);
int days = date2.Subtract(date1).Days;
Console.WriteLine (days);

//days = 24 
//days = 7 when date1= 01-Jan-2012
Maciej Los 7-Jun-12 6:44am
Good work, my 5!
VJ Reddy 7-Jun-12 10:41am
Thank you, losmac :)
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Solution 1

public void TestFunc()
   DateTime tm1 = Convert.ToDateTime("01-Jan-2012");
   DateTime tm2 = Convert.ToDateTime("08-Feb-2012");
   TimeSpan span = tm2 - tm1;
   int mDiff = MonthDifference(tm2, tm1);
   double dDiff = (tm2 - tm1.AddMonths(mDiff)).TotalDays;
   MessageBox.Show("Months: " + mDiff + " Days " + dDiff);

public int MonthDifference(DateTime lValue, DateTime rValue)
   return (lValue.Month - rValue.Month) + 12 * (lValue.Year - rValue.Year);
VJ Reddy 7-Jun-12 6:23am
Good answer when the period is more than one month. 5!

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