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I want to use array to get the contacts' email so that I can send out the email as mass amount.
& I need to also use delimiters to separate each of the emails with a semi-colon ;
after that i need to use join them back again as a string to store it into a textbox.
I have no idea how the codes look like.

Is there any tutorials or steps to follow so that I can learn how to use array and delimiters?

I am new to codings, so urgent help is needed. Thanks

As I understand from the question, it is required to store the emailIds in an array and then it is required to build a string with those emailIds using ; as delimiter. If it is so, then the following code can be used.
string[] emailIds = new string[] {"", "", ""};
string emailIdsString = string.Join("; ", emailIds);
Console.WriteLine (emailIdsString);

Maciej Los 7-Jun-12 13:44pm
VJ Reddy 7-Jun-12 13:47pm
Thank you, losmac :)
Fiona Tan 7-Jun-12 13:49pm
It is not emailIds.
As i will be using SQL statements to select the "email" column from Customers table.

Which apparently my SQL statement being inserted to the button to call it also gives me an error.

Here is my SQL select statement :

FROM Customer
WHERE newsletterAgree = "True"
Maciej Los 7-Jun-12 14:56pm
SELECT Email FROM Customer WHERE newsletterAgree = 'True'
Use a ' instead of "
See my answer, to your comment.
codeBegin 8-Jun-12 2:18am
good one 5!
VJ Reddy 8-Jun-12 2:58am
Thank you, codeBegin :)
Manas Bhardwaj 8-Jun-12 5:21am
nice +5!
VJ Reddy 8-Jun-12 6:00am
Thank you, Manas :)
SQL Server does not know BOOLEAN data type. See availible DataTypes[^] for MS SQL Server. BOOLEAN is a text!
So... If you would like to get emails where newsletterAgree is set to "TRUE", use this query:
FROM Customer
WHERE newsletterAgree = 'True'

I recomend you to change the data type for newsletterAgree field for int, where
0 = False
-1 = TRUE
Sandeep Mewara 7-Jun-12 16:21pm
Maciej Los 7-Jun-12 16:27pm
Thank you, Sandeep ;)
VJ Reddy 7-Jun-12 20:20pm
Good answer and suggestion. 5!
Maciej Los 8-Jun-12 6:50am
Thank you, VJ ;)
codeBegin 8-Jun-12 2:18am
good one 5!
Maciej Los 8-Jun-12 6:50am
Thank you, codeBegin;)

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