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i have this problem for every file so i am not writing whole coding i am writing few lines and than i am explaining the error.

1. <?php

2. include_once("C:\\Users\arif\\Desktop\\newregistration\\checkuserlog.php");

3. ?>

Warning: include_once(C:\Users\arif\Desktop\newregistration\checkuserlog.php)

failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/content/80/8261380/html/index.php on line 3

i am including the file name checkuserlog.php and i checked it path for the file is C:\Users\arif\Desktop\newregistration\checkuserlog and the type of the file is phpscript (.php)

this problem i have in every file which i am trying to include in the index. So if some body able to solve it for me i will be able to solve others,

Updated 7-Jun-12 17:19pm
arifsuhail 7-Jun-12 23:18pm    
now i am using \\ slash its solved my one problem thanks
Mohibur Rashid 7-Jun-12 23:36pm    
Dont use absolute path. that is not healthy
arifsuhail 7-Jun-12 23:41pm    
thanks, but so which path i should use?? please explain, this whole file as you can see it from the path is on desktop thanks
Mohibur Rashid 7-Jun-12 23:50pm    
use relative path
such as
index.php must have to be in a directory.
if checkuserlog.php is in the same directory then do like below:
if it is in the other directrory such as
then include_once("newregistration/checkuserlog.php");

there is few other way you better learn how to browse directory in console mode then you will get clear idea
arifsuhail 8-Jun-12 0:13am    
thanks for the help, it solved it


1 solution

first remember \ is an escape character. when you need to use slash use double slash. i.e.
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