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Hey friends i have an array with the following values

asd sdf dsdf 1sadf *sdf !sdf @asdf _asd .sadf (sadf )sadf #sadf ^asdf &asdf %asdf -sadf =sadf +sadf -sdf

and i want to sort it in javascript in the following way in to three parts.

1) word starting from special character
2) word starting from digit
3) word starting from alphabets.

So this should be the sequence of the sorted array..

Please help me out..!
Ravi Tuvar 8-Jun-12 10:40am
You can refer how in this page how the sorting is done..!
What character do you call "special"? There is no such thing.
What have you done? What's the problem?

You can pass a sort function to JavaScript's array.sort().

function sortFunction(a, b) {
  // your array elements will be passed to this function as a, b
  // TODO:
  //   compare a to b
  //   if a should come before b, return -1
  //   if a should come after b, return 1
  //   if a and b should be considered equal, return 0
  return 0;

var myarray = ['asd', 'sdf', ..., '-sdf'];

Note: Searched Google for "javascript array sorting", found this[^] as the first result.
Here is the correct answer..!

function MySort(alphabet)
    return function(a, b) {
        var index_a = alphabet.indexOf(a[0]),
        index_b = alphabet.indexOf(b[0]);

        if (index_a === index_b) {
            // same first character, sort regular
            if (a < b) {
                return -1;
            } else if (a > b) {
                return 1;
            return 0;
        } else {
            return index_a - index_b;

var items = ['asd','sdf', 'dsdf', '1sadf', '*sdf', '!sdf', '@asdf', '_asd', '.sadf', '(sadf', ')sadf', '#sadf', '^asdf', '&asdf', '%asdf', '-sadf', '=sadf', '+sadf', '-sdf', 'sef'],
sorter = MySort('*!@_.()#^&%-=+01234567989abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz');


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