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Private Sub tool_save_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles tool_save.Click
        'On Error Resume Next

        Dim cmd As New SqlCommand
        cmd.Connection = _OpenConnect()
        cmd.CommandType = CommandType.Text
        cmd.CommandText = "INSERT INTO Customer_Info (Cust_Name,Address,City,Phone,Cust_Invoice) Values (@Cust_Name,@Address,@City,@Phone,@Cust_Invoice)"
        With cmd.Parameters
            .AddWithValue("@Cust_Name", txt_custName.Text)
            .AddWithValue("@Address", txt_address.Text)
            .AddWithValue("@City", txt_city.Text)
            .AddWithValue("@Phone", txt_phone.Text)
            .AddWithValue("@Cust_Invoice", txt_cust_Invoice.Text)
        End With


        Message("Inserted Successfully")
    End Sub

Same Problem
This type error are given

There is already an open DataReader associated with this Command which must be closed first.
Updated 10-Jun-12 22:39pm

Like the error says there is an open Datareader on your connection. Check your code before this routine and close the DataReader first then call this sub.
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gauravrank 11-Jun-12 3:41am    
Public Function _OpenConnect() As SqlConnection
If _cn.ConnectionString = "" Then
_cn.ConnectionString = _GlobalConString
End If
If _cn.State = ConnectionState.Closed Then
End If
Catch ex As Exception
End Try
Return _cn
End Function

This Function is my connection function
Mehdi Gholam 11-Jun-12 3:45am    
A part of your code is using this connection with a datareader. Search for "datareader" in your project and work from there to see where you are not closing the datareader.
gauravrank 11-Jun-12 3:47am    
i alredy check that all datareader is closed
Mehdi Gholam 11-Jun-12 3:52am    
You will have to trust the computer when it says it is not closed :)
gauravrank 11-Jun-12 3:56am    
pls when you free then i share my pc in teamviewer pls chek
Look at that line:
cmd.Connection = _OpenConnect()
and then to a line in that function
You use always the same SqlConnection object!
That's the reason for your problems. Create a new SqlConnection object when required.
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