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I'm currently working on a project that uses an RFID reader that reads RFID tags and uses a ASP.Net,C# program to store the tags data into an SQL database, but the problem here is that I need to connect RFID Reader (to read the data and store it to the database), so how can I do that?? Also, I may need to control the parallel port from the ASP.NET.
Updated 11-Jun-12 18:07pm

Phidget has a very comprehensive code base for interfacing with their RFID reader and other products at[^] that uses .Net as well as some ASP.NET with Active X control that only works in Internet Explorer. Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox don't support ActiveX.

Microsoft BizServer RFID functionality is pretty simple to set up and use --if you have the software.
Since this is an ASP.NET app, the RFID reader would have to be connected to the server hosting your app, not the clients.
Sandeep Mewara 12-Jun-12 2:28am
Would not ActiveX or Silverlight do the job if it's really needed?
Dave Kreskowiak 12-Jun-12 8:08am
Since the default security level of a web browser restricts any code running inside it from accessing the machines resources, file system, registry, ..., no it wouldn't.

It would, but when you deploy your component to the client you have to alter the browsers security settings to tell the browser to trust the source of the component.

Truthfully, I wouldn't be writing a web app to handle a hardware device. I'd be writting either a Windows Forms app for the client side RFID scanning interface having it send the data to the database on the web server via a Web Service running on that. But, then again, I have no what you're doing with the RFID scanner and what your application does.

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