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I have a question, i want to design a page in which all the data has to be inserted updated and deleted. The data has to be stored in sql server. i have created a table for that, can anyone help me for how to create a stored procedure for this and c# code to inset update and delete data.
virang_21 12-Jun-12 0:14am    
There is a Google for that ... Try before you ask for help otherwise you never learn..

Stored procedures (sprocs) are generally an ordered series of Transact-SQL statements bundled into a single logical unit.

They allow for variables and parameters, as well as selection and looping constructs.

A key point is that sprocs are stored in the database rather than in a separate file.

To call stored procedures in C#, please refer:
Update/Insert/Delete with stored procedures and SqlDataSource control[^]
Insert Single Value With Stored Procedure ASP.NET C#[^]
Stored Procedures with ASP.NET[^]
Insert,Update and Delete Using Grid View and ObjectDataSource[^]

And the best one:
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Rahul Rajat Singh 12-Jun-12 0:31am    
good answer. +5.
Prasad_Kulkarni 12-Jun-12 0:34am    
Thank you Rahul!
Manas Bhardwaj 12-Jun-12 2:07am    
correct +5!
Prasad_Kulkarni 12-Jun-12 3:48am    
Thank you Manas!
Sk. Tajbir 12-Jun-12 2:17am    
The answer by Mr. Prasad Kulkarni is perfect. you can refer that to see how to create stored procedures. If you want to understand how to use C#/ADO.NET to use these stored procedures then perhaps this could be useful.

A Beginner's Tutorial for Understanding ADO.NET[^]

Note: It is always a good idea to learn ADO.NET even if you are using auto generated code and/or ORMs.
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Prasad_Kulkarni 12-Jun-12 0:34am    
Good suggestion +5!
AshishChaudha 12-Jun-12 0:50am    
my 5
For that you have write only one store procedure
here find this articels..[^]

If any query fill free to contact
Thank You
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