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Dim myCommand As New SqlCommand(sqlselect, myConnection)
Dim myReader As SqlDataReader
myReader = myCommand.ExecuteReader()
If myReader.HasRows Then
While myReader.Read()
Dim isChecked As Boolean = DirectCast(FindControl("chkSelect"), CheckBox).Checked

If isChecked Then
empmail = myReader(column)
End If
End While
End If

i have a gridview and a checkbox item in gridview
when button is pressed it should iterate through all the items where check box is checked

1 solution

Please go through below code, see if it helps. Not sure though if it is your requirement.

protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)     
 // Looping through all the rows in the GridView          
 foreach (GridViewRow di in GridView1.Rows)         
   CheckBox chkBx = (CheckBox)di.FindControl("chkSelect");              
   if (chkBx != null && chkBx.Checked)            
      /// put your code here             
Comments 14-Jun-12 4:53am
thanks for that but my sql while reader

also iterates through all the rows, please suggest for the if condition inside while reader.

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