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hey i want to write a query that will check for balance when you click login and it will show a message that has your balance but if you dont have a balance it will allow you to login in laravel .Below is what i have tried.the list of balance is in another table called defaulters.

What I have tried:

protected function validateLogin(Request $request)
     // "SELECT * from defaulters where myPIN => '$myPIN'"
     // union
     $defaulters = Defaulters_Reg::select('Debt_amount')->where('myPIN',$id)->get();
         'myPIN' => 'required|myPIN',
         'Debt_amount' => 'required|string'
         if ($validateLogin->fails())
             return Redirect::to ('login')

         $this->username() => 'required|string',
         'password' => 'required|string',
Updated 1-May-19 21:27pm
Christian Graus 2-May-19 1:13am    
A syntax checker online said this code is valid. Where is the error?
harristars 2-May-19 2:03am    
syntax error, unexpected 'if' (T_IF), expecting ']'

1 solution

You've put your if statement inside of the $request->validate code rather than outside. According to the Laravel documentation you should instead be using the return value of the method:
$validateLogin = $request->validate([ .. ]);

if ($validateLogin->fails()) {
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harristars 2-May-19 21:27pm    
I want it to check if mypin has balance from a table called default ers. So if my has balance it show you the balance and prevent you from logining in.

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