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How to write for loop increase from hour by Duration for every iteration ?

I work on windows form application csharp vs2015

i have three textboxes

txt_fromhour 6

txt_tohour 12

txt_Duration 1.5

txt_countduration 4 (calculated as 12-6=6/1.5=4)

I have table name training have 3 fields

serial int

fromhour decimal

tohour decimal

I need to write for loop insert data on three fields as sample below

when i write fromhour 6 and tohour 12 and duration is 1.5 data will inserted as below

serial    fromhour            tohour

1            6                7.5

2            7.5               9

3            9                10.5

4            10.5              12

What I have tried:

for(int i=0;i<=4;i++)


insert into training(serial,fromhour,tohour) values(max+1,??,??)

Updated 6-May-19 21:27pm

You need to use a variable outside a loop. See:

//use it for number formatting
System.Globalization.CultureInfo cu = new System.Globalization.CultureInfo("en-us");
int fromhour = 6;
int tohour = 12;
float duration = 1.5F;

int count = (int)((tohour - fromhour) / duration);
float nextfrom = fromhour;
for(int i=1; i<=count; i++)
	Console.WriteLine("{0} \t-\t {1}", nextfrom.ToString("0.0", cu), (nextfrom+duration).ToString("0.0", cu));
	//insert statement here
	nextfrom += duration; 

6.0   -   7.5
7.5   -   9.0
9.0   -   10.5
10.5   -   12.0

I forgot to mention that you have to work with datetime data type instead of numbers to avoid issues in a future.
DateTime counter = DateTime.Today.AddHours(fromhour);
for(int i=1; i<=count; i++)
	Console.WriteLine("{0} \t-\t {1}", counter.ToString("HH:mm", cu), counter.AddHours(duration).ToString("HH:mm", cu));
	//insert statement here
	counter = counter.AddHours(duration); 

06:00   -   07:30
07:30   -   09:00
09:00   -   10:30
10:30   -   12:00
Start by converting yoru three textbox values to numbers: Decimal.TryParse Method (System) | Microsoft Docs[^] will do it, and report errors to the user instead of continuing.

Then create and open your DB connection:
            using (SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection(strConnect))
Inside the open connection, set up a loop: while will do, stopping when the fromHour is greater than the toHour.

Inside the loop, create an an SQLCommand object (with a using block as above) and pass the two times to the DB as a parameterized query. If necessary, pass the serial value each time (though I'd make it an IDENTITY field in the DB, so SQL handles all that) Increment the fromHour by the duration.

Easy to do - just give it a try manually and you will see what I mean.
Store your duration as a variable. Set a timer to go off every hour and increment it. If you want a permanent increase from a given time, use DateTime.Now to calculate it on a property.
ahmed_sa 7-May-19 0:37am
can you give me more clear or write psudo code for that please
Christian Graus 7-May-19 0:38am
I can't make it any clearer. Set a timer to increment your value hourly. Store the value you want to use in a variable, set it from that variable.

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