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In C++, it it possible to pull static data from one system to another that has java output?

What I have tried:

Everything my novice brain can think of
Updated 9-May-19 21:34pm
Gerry Schmitz 9-May-19 19:30pm    
If you're looking for a "common denominator", think of a "text file" that both can read or write, and go from there.

(there is no such thing as java "output" ... same as Benjamin expels. Expels "what"?)

If you mean "Can my C++ program access the memory of a Java application running on a different system?" then the answer is a major "NO!"
And you should be glad it is as the security ramifications would be horrendous ...

If that isn't what you are asking, you need to sit down and think a lot more carefully about exactly what you are trying to do, and ask us in a lot better detail!
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You must transfer the data in some channel which both machines are understanding. A simple solution is to use some network connection like sockets or simply use some internet service like ftp server to share the data between them.

If both machines have access to a common network drive you can save a file on it.
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