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Hi All,

I have a GDB database (old one) and the data in it is very important.
I need to convert this database to any type of database like:
-SQL server

So if you please guide me to the tool that convert the database from GDB to any of the above ones..
Thanks in advance

1 solution

If you mean Borland's Interbase, then there are a few ways[^]

Another short term possibility, may be to use an OLEDB provider[^] for it perhaps?

you'll probably have to use that driver to do the data import to SQL or MDB - no idea of its efficacy, most independent OLEDB drivers are 'wanting' :)
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firas_hamzeh 18-Jun-12 3:07am    
after googling this type of database "GDB" I found that its name is :Human Genome Database
please can anybody tell me how to get data from it and transfer it to another type of current used database
barneyman 18-Jun-12 3:26am    
If it IS the human genome database, it would be VERY big ... and you will have to find out what format it currently is in - I couldn't find anything about that (it was closed down in 2008)

And if it WAS the the human genome DB, odds are your customer/employer would KNOW that ...

My money's still in an interbase/firebird DB ;)
firas_hamzeh 18-Jun-12 3:50am    
Sir barneyman,
Thanks for being very helpful..
but sorry I didn't understand what exactly do you mean by "interbase/firebird DB"
Excuse me I have a good deal with SQL server and Access but I have a little knowledge of the other database types !!

Finally can I do the transfer between this database and the others?

barneyman 18-Jun-12 4:03am    
'Interbase' is/was a database product, like SQL or Oracle; there are commercial tools that will do it (in my original answer); if you don't want to/can't pay then you're going to have to import the data into SQL - this you can do if you find an OLEDB driver for interbase (second link) - i've never used Interbase, so I can't really help much further
firas_hamzeh 18-Jun-12 4:28am    
Thanks very much for being helpfull..
I found some commercial tools that does that ..
But I want to do it by myself ..
Thanks for your help..

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