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I have three tables.I have to retrieve the data using linq statement.
my three table names are A,B,C.
I connected join for connecting two tables A.B based on the id's like

select ol, fN, LN, ci, co
from member
join details
on  member_id = details_id
where details_id in
(select contacts_id from contacts where
    contacts_id1 = 1 and contacts_usr_id = 1)

I am able to write the query upto where condition,can u help me how to write the query for the inner while condition..

It is urgent for me, please don't neglect this if u know the soln.
Updated 19-Jun-12 23:51pm
Pankaj Nikam 20-Jun-12 5:58am
Can you please provide the data structure of the 3 tables and tell me the output you wish to achieve so that I may help you with this...?
charan1431 20-Jun-12 6:20am
contacts table->contacts_id,contacts_id1,contacts_usr-id
member table->member_id,ol
details table -> FN,LN,CI,CO,details_id
I have multiple value with contact_id1 = 1 and contact_usr_id =1.
In the output i want to display ol,FN,LN,CI,CO .

Please Try this code.
List<int?> _contactsIds = (from t in _EntitiesModel.contacts
t.contacts_id1 == 1 && t.contacts_usr_id == 1
 select t.contacts_id ).ToList();

//// User  _contactsIds List for  inner condition
var _memberList = ( from m in _EntitiesModel.member 
                  join d in _EntitiesModel.details on m.member_id equals  d.details_id  where _contactsIds.Contains(d.details_id) select m).ToList();
this link will help you to fix your issue

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