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Hi to all,

I have values in sql table like

RollNumber RoomNumber  RoomType    Status
A101         1         Single      Booked
A102         2         Single      Booked
A103,A104    3         TwoSeater   Booked
A105         4         TwoSeater   Available
A106,A107    3         FourSeater  Available
A105         4         FourSeater  Available

Now i need get count of rollnumber where roomtype= twoseater.
Then if already roll numbers (A103,A104) filled ,then status will show Booked.
Now if roll number (A105) filled but i need to insert another one rollnumber for two seater(RoomType), that status will show available.

these above operation i need to do in using c#.

Can anyone help me.

Sorry for average english

Thanks in advance............

[edit]Code block added - OriginalGriff[/edit]
Updated 20-Jun-12 20:08pm
bhagirathimfs 21-Jun-12 2:16am
Is status column is already there in the table??

1 solution

To return the number of rooms in the class "TwoSeater":
SELECT COUNT(RollNumber) FROM myTable WHERE RoomType='TwoSeater'

Personally, I would not store the room class as a description, but store an Integer number of "Seats" instead. That way, you can do math to achieve your result, by returning the top result where type is available, and seats >= number-of-seats-required, ordered by "Seats" in ascending order.

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