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I have an application which works fine .

I have now made DLL of the classes which I use.In one of the classes
it has a statement which calls the ParentFrame and sets the menu.

But when I use DLL in my application I get an unhandled error where it seems that the Parent Frame is not found

What must be the problem?

When I debug he application with DLL the debug cursor does not enter inside the DLL's .cpp file .I want to enter the DLL code .What should be
done for that?


1 solution

MFC has issues with multiple threads and possibly also with dlls. In this case GetParentFrame() is the culprit as it makes an internal call to CWnd::FromHandle which looks like this:

CWnd* PASCAL CWnd::FromHandle(HWND hWnd)<br />{<br />	CHandleMap* pMap = afxMapHWND(TRUE); //create map if not exist<br />	ASSERT(pMap != NULL);<br />	CWnd* pWnd = (CWnd*)pMap->FromHandle(hWnd);<br /><br />#ifndef _AFX_NO_OCC_SUPPORT<br />	pWnd->AttachControlSite(pMap);<br />#endif<br /><br />	ASSERT(pWnd == NULL || pWnd->m_hWnd == hWnd);<br />	return pWnd;<br />}<br />

The afxMapHWND func is probably trying to use global structures that aren't visible from the dll.

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