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I have a stored procedure like
create procedure sp_sample
@Id int,
@join_date date,
@class_time time
 Insert into stud(SID,SJoinDate,SClassTime) values(@Id,@join_date,@class_time)

Now I have an ASP.NET web form to submit the details using the above stored procedure.
In the I am defining the variables as

string Id = txtID.Text;
string join_date =txtDate.Text;
string class_time = txtTime.Text;

I want to insert particular date and time in the textbox.
Now if I insert the values in the web form using the stored procedure,I am getting the error like

"Error while converting datatype nvarchar to time".

Can anyone help help me about this conversion error.

Thank you,
DamithSL 25-Jun-12 10:53am    
Can you update the question with your insert code sample?
palcordis 25-Jun-12 11:12am    
Here is my Insert menthod,

public int InsertStud(string ID,string Join_Date, string class_Time)
SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection(constr);
SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("usp_sample", con);
cmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;

cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("Join_Date", @Join_Date);
cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("class_Time", @class_Time);
return cmd.ExecuteNonQuery();


Join Date is in string format, but in Stored procedure you have declared as DateTime, so use

Convert.ToDateTime() to convert it into DateTime
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"Error while converting datatype nvarchar to time".
Based on your error, it looks like error lies here:
@class_time time

Whatever you are passing class_time in
string class_time = txtTime.Text;
is not of correct time format that is expected in stored procedure.

Make sure that the data passed for class_time is in correct time format expected.
Refer: MSDN: DataType time (Transact-SQL)[^]
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