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Hi all

I am new to ajax and going to use ajax.
I heard that we should not use ajax in the page because it will slower the page.

Is it so?
I read the advantages and disadvantages of ajax control.I didn't find any thing related to this.

Is ajax slower the page load event.

Please help

Thanks in advance
Updated 26-Jun-12 4:07am

1 solution

Ajax won't slow down your page. In fact, it will make it appear to load more quickly because it can allow you to draw portions of the screen when they are ready instead of waiting for the entire screen to be done before rendering.

You do need to be careful to differentiate what type of Ajax you are using. ASP.NET has an Ajax version and so does jQuery. In the newer versions of ASP.NET, it uses the jQuery Ajax.

Here is more information related to your question:[^]
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Pankaj Nikam 26-Jun-12 10:27am    
+5 :)
Mac12334 26-Jun-12 10:37am    
I am using ajax control to validate a textbox.Is it good or i should not use the ajax control there.Is here it slower the page?
Means:When we use the ajax toolkit to validate a textbox . is it slower the page???
Tim Corey 26-Jun-12 10:45am    
It depends on if you are talking theory or reality. In theory, the page would be a bit slower because it is doing more. In reality, there is no noticeable difference. In fact, since you are doing validation at the client side, the client will see it as faster since the results happen right away instead of after they hit the submit button. For instance, if they leave a field blank, it can prompt the user as soon as they leave that field. That is seen as "faster" than if the prompt doesn't come until after they are done filling out the form. In the end, perception is reality. The user perceives the site to be faster, therefore it doesn't matter what the metrics say - it is faster.
Mac12334 27-Jun-12 1:20am    
I am using ajax tool-kit.I am using ajax tool-kit to validate the textbox.
I should use that tool-kit or use JavaScript validation?
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 26-Jun-12 14:17pm    
I think this is not so simple. What would one mean by "slow down"? Compared with what? Ajax itself does not slow anything, but it depends on what are you doing. There is such thing: Ajax often provokes some developers to add features which really can clog the traffic pretty well, because many small moves of the user cause the Ajax post. One typical example is Google Instant Prediction: every change in the edit box causes a post. This maybe nice but I always switch if off and consider as "ideologically" wrong.

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