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I have created a unique id with the calling of the last data in the database. what if the data last empty?

public static void NewDemand(FilterDemand newDemandData)
            using (WMS.DAL.WarehouseLinqDataContext dc = new WMS.DAL.WarehouseLinqDataContext())
                WMS.DAL.Demand Demand = new WMS.DAL.Demand();
                DemandData DemandD = new DemandData();
                List<DemandData> listDemand = new List<DemandData>();
                var log = from de in dc.Demands
                          group de by new { de.ID_Demand } into result
                          select new
                              id1 = result.Key.ID_Demand,
                              id2 = result.Select(i => i.ID_Demand),
                              y = result.Select(i => i.Year)

                foreach (var d in log)
                    DemandD.IDDemand = d.id2.Last();

                string al = DemandD.IDDemand;
                int x = 0;
                string _val1 = al.Substring(1, al.Length - 5);
                x = Convert.ToInt32(_val1) + 1;
                string ff = "";
                ff = "D" + x;
                Demand.Month = newDemandData.FilterMonth;
                        Demand.ID_Demand = "D1";
                        Demand.GF = (float)newDemandData.FilterGF;
                        Demand.IND = (float)newDemandData.FilterIndoor;
                        Demand.Year = (int)newDemandData.FilterYear;
                        Demand.Total = Demand.GF + Demand.IND;
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 26-Jun-12 20:14pm
[no name] 26-Jun-12 21:17pm
what shoul I do if the last data is empty???
Wonde Tadesse 26-Jun-12 20:25pm
Not clear. Elaborate!
[no name] 26-Jun-12 21:18pm
ssd_coolguy 27-Jun-12 8:12am
your question is not clear...
can you explain more..what actually you want to do..
[no name] 27-Jun-12 11:38am
if the last data is empty

1 solution

As a final step, check to see if the last row is empty. If it is, DELETE it.
[no name] 27-Jun-12 2:06am
what shoul I do if the last data is empty???

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