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I have datagridview which is Filled
with Database values.
I want to add rows in the DataGridView
on Add button click .

Can It is Possible.
Updated 17-Jan-19 4:56am

You can add new row to your DataTable (MyRecordset5):

dim MyNewRow as DataRow
with MyNewRow
end with

The datagridview will update automatically.
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If the datagridview is not bound some datasource then you can add blank rows by

If your datagridview is bound, then adding a new item in datasource will automatically add a blank row in datagrid view.
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Karwa_Vivek 27-Jun-12 7:33am    
Can YOu please Explain a bit How Can I Do that.
How Can I Add new Item In Datasource.
I am using a Stored procedure To Fetch Data And To Fill the Datagridview.
Kiran Susarla 27-Jun-12 7:48am    
Can you please post how you have done till now.
Karwa_Vivek 27-Jun-12 8:09am    
Have DOne like This
Private Sub CreateDataGridView(ByVal ChallanID As Integer)
Dim sSQL As String = ""
Dim MyRecordset5 As Data.DataTable = Nothing
MyRecordset5 = New Data.DataTable

sSQL = "SPIS_GetTransDtl " & ChallanID
MyConnection.ExecuteSQL(sSQL, MyRecordset5)
If MyRecordset5.Rows.Count > 0 Then
rowCnt = MyRecordset5.Rows.Count
'lblTotal.Text = MyRecordset5.Rows.Count.ToString & " Items"
dgv.AutoGenerateColumns = False
dgv.DataSource = MyRecordset5
dgv.Columns("SlNo").DataPropertyName = "Slno"
dgv.Columns("Item").DataPropertyName = "Name"
dgv.Columns("ItemId").DataPropertyName = "ItemID"
dgv.Columns("ItemCode").DataPropertyName = "ItemCode"
dgv.Columns("Quantity").DataPropertyName = "Qty"
dgv.Columns("Description").DataPropertyName = "Description"

End If

End Sub
try like this
   Dim f As Integer
          f = datagridview1.Rows.Count
         ' Add Values to the new row ...
         Dim n As Integer = datagridview1.Rows.Add()
         datagridview1.Rows.Item(n).Cells(0).Value = f + 1
         datagridview1.Rows.Item(n).Cells(1).Value = txtJob.Text
         datagridview1.Rows.Item(n).Cells(2).Value = cboBatch.Text
         datagridview1.Rows.Item(n).Cells(3).Value = ""
MessageBox.Show("New record added below. Please insert details.")
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Karwa_Vivek 27-Jun-12 7:37am    
I have tried This .. But It Throws error that Adding Rows Programmaticaly is not valid in bound DatagridView.
I have Filled the Datagridview With Database Values using Stored Procedure.

if your want to add a Row directly from datadridviewObject:

1. take one existing ExistRow in Datagridview
2. add this ExistRow by (DataBoundItem.GetType.ToString)to your Bindingsource Object

This code add a new empty Row:

ObjectBindingSource.Add(Type.GetType(ExistRow.DataBoundItem.GetType.ToString()).GetConstructor(New System.Type() {}).Invoke(New Object() {}))

Datagridview will update automatically

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