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Hi All

i need a javascript code for not allowing special characters and numbers and allow
spaces in my text box

thanks in advance
What are those "special characters"? There is no such thing.

This article contains a small JS framework which contains what you need. also many more of similar nature.

A Tiny Javascript Framework for Common Validation Scenarios.[^]

P.S. just use the AcceptAlphabetOnly function with argument for spaces as true.
Comments 28-Jun-12 1:50am
thanks rahul .. this solution solved my problem
Rahul Rajat Singh 28-Jun-12 1:55am
you are welcome. if it worked then please mark the answer as solution as this would let other know that the problems is solved and the others with similar problem can also refer and benefit from it. 28-Jun-12 2:07am
done it
Rahul Rajat Singh 28-Jun-12 2:09am
thanks. 28-Jun-12 2:44am
hi .. if u dontmind let me know how to allow dot(.) in this javascript 28-Jun-12 2:45am
i got it thanks
This is a simple sample of similar thing:
Here is how to filter out:
      <script type="text/javascript"><!--
         function filterDigits(eventInstance) { 
            eventInstance = eventInstance || window.event;
                key = eventInstance.keyCode || eventInstance.which;
            if ((47 < key) && (key < 58) || key = 45 || key == 8) {
               return true;
            } else {
                    if (eventInstance.preventDefault) eventInstance.preventDefault();
                    eventInstance.returnValue = false;
                    return false;
            } //if
         } //filterDigits

<input type="text" onkeypress="filterDigits(event)"/>


Pay attention that the key code 8 (backspace) is allowed. By some historical reason, this key is considered as a character, so it should be specifically allowed through the filter.


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