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I want to save image in database.
Actually I have SDK, finger print reader and tutorial.
I want to develop application in c# using c++dll.
Below is the readme file of project
This setup program installes the .Net components as well
as help files and tutorials onto you machine.


* .Net framework 2.0
* DermalogZF1 SDK
* Dermalog ZF1 Scanner connected
* Windows XP (SP2), 2000 (SP4), Vista 32(SP1)


* Dermalog.Imaging.Capturing.dll is the interface to ZF1 Scanner.
* Dermalog.AFIS.QualityCheck.dll calculates the Fingerprint quality.
* Dermalog.AFIS.Drawing.Compression.dll is responsible for compression
	into jpg2000 and WSQ.

You can easily access this components form your Visual Studio IDE.
In your project just select add references on .Net Tab you will see
Dermalog component, which can be added into you project.

Help files

You can access the help files from start menu ->Dermalog->.Net->ZF1 Standard SDK.


Dermalog provids you with various Tutorials with source code in C#. You find them
"%programm files\Dermalog\.Net\Tutorials%".
Updated 28-Jun-12 0:11am

You need to convert the image to a byte array and store that. Typical way to do that is to save it to a stream.
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Detailed sample of storing and retriving image to and from SQLServer database using c# is available here
Storing and Retrieving Images from SQL Server Using Strored Procedures and[^]
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You need to read help files and go through the tutorials and find a way to get bitmap from scanner. ones you have the bitmap you can save it on the database. check there are many resources:

Search on CodeProject[^]

Google Search[^]
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Most of the finger print readers grab the images of your finger impressions in gray scale format. So a pixel represent a value between 0-255. But this for display purpose only.

You told that you are going to use the SDK:
* DermalogZF1 SDK
And the scanner
* Dermalog ZF1 Scanner connected

If you explore the samples from their SDK, they use image for display purpose only. They may need a data structure like Finger print Registration template, verification template.

So you should store the registration template in the database not the raw pixel (If you know how to do image matching on finger print then you may :)

Then when user verify their finger print, you should compare the one (using their sdk) coming at present with the db persisted info to know who is that blackship :) putting his finger in the finger reader (Or Scanner)
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Member 7909353 9-Jul-12 3:22am    
But how to save template in sql database

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