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Hi All,

How do you display values(plotted and corresponding values in the databasetable) of the point in a graph using Tooltip.

I have this so far:
chart1.DataSource = chartdata;
                      chart1.Series[0].YValueMembers = "LFDepartTemp";
                      chart1.Series[0].ToolTip = "Temp: #VALY{} C" ;

But that just shows the y-value. i want it to show addition information from my dataset. As an example look at this:[^]

but of course without using their product.

Updated 1-Jul-12 22:58pm
Herman<T>.Instance 29-Jun-12 5:36am
does the tooltip not only work when moving the mouse over?
nikki88 29-Jun-12 5:42am
yes it shows when mouse cursor moves over a datapoint.

Try #VALX for getting x value & if it is not working try for #AXISLABEL.
nikki88 29-Jun-12 7:49am
Thank you it works, but i also want to add another columns data to the tooltip, not JUST x values and y values.
Try the below expression
string toolTip = "title='{dataSetName}' dvalue='{value|0}'";

where dataSetname indicates the 3rd value and Value|0 indicated the y-Value

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