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Hi there.

I recently moved my web application onto the server with the href tag giving me hard times. Locally my files are placed in the root folder. But on the server it's placed in another folder. When I call the href tag from one page to go to another it gives an error saying the page is not found which seem to be correct.

I tried <a><\a>, and also <a><\a>.

Both ways work fine locally on my machine but not on the server.

Why is this happening and is there a work around? I thought of replacing my html code with jquery to open other pages.

Any advise will do please.

Updated 29-Jun-12 11:04am
R. Giskard Reventlov 29-Jun-12 17:05pm    
Quite a confused question. Be very specific and display the code where it is going wrong.

1 solution

There is no href tag. href is an attribute of the a tag. a is for anchor.
Tags are closed with a / not a \ so
<a href="">Example</a>
is valid.

Your problem is that you're linking to your files incorrectly.

Throughout your solution you need to consistently link to locations in your own directoy structure. If you're never going to move your project you can always set the href attribute to
<a href="/myproject/mypage.html">Example</a>

You have to realize here that the / in the beginning of the path means the browser will look to the root of the website. So no matter what page you're on, for any link on this page that specifies
<a href="/myproject/mypage.html">Example</a>
will always point to

You specify the current directory like so
<a href="myproject/mypage.html">Example</a>
this will point to when the user is on

So links starting with / are absolute and they link to the root of the current site if you omit the beginning / your link is relative to the current path.

You can also specify
<a href="./myproject/mypage.html">Example</a>
to point to the current directory.

Additionally you can specify
<a href="../myproject/mypage.html">Example</a>
this will move you up one directory. So the link above on the page will point to

Keep in mind that you can combine ../ with one or more ../ to move up more than one directory.

<a href="../../myproject/mypage.html">Example</a>
is totally valid and will move you up two directories.

I want to take this a little further. When you see an address this is passing a GET variable named id with the value 101 to article.html residing on the root directory of the webserver. You can use GET vars on a directory index. A directory index is a default file that's served by the server when no file is specified. So when requested the server will load the default file generally index or default .php or .htm or .aspx or whatever. So the link passes a GET variable with the name id and value 101 to the directory index of
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Sandeep Mewara 30-Jun-12 6:42am    
Nathan Stiles 30-Jun-12 13:56pm    
Thank you!
DJAppleboy 1-Jul-12 11:27am    
I tried all that with no success. Also tried
DJAppleboy 3-Jul-12 1:56am    

That worked for me

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