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I have a table name Item(Item_id,Item_name) table data like
1   BasicSalary 
2   Medical 
3   Loandry 
4   Transport   
5   Rent    
6   GrossSalary 
7   OverTime 

it can be more..

now the main point i need a query that can arrange it following way.

BasicSalary,Medical,Loandry,Transport, Rent,GrossSalary, OverTime 

because I need this for creating a new table.One thing this item can be more.

Any help will be appreciated gratefully.

1 solution

DECLARE @ConcatenatedValues NVARCHAR (MAX)
SELECT @ConcatenatedValues = COALESCE(@ConcatenatedValues + ',', '') + ColumnFromTable
FROM Table

SELECT @ConcatenatedValues
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Mahmudunnabi 3-Jul-12 13:34pm    
nvarchar(max), and + ColumnFromTable can u please explain it.
ZurdoDev 3-Jul-12 13:39pm    
It works as a recursive function. So, you need somewhere to dump the data into, which is why you need to declare a variable to store it. Did you try it though?
Mahmudunnabi 3-Jul-12 13:50pm    
thanks a lot
Mahmudunnabi 3-Jul-12 14:08pm    
can u more helpful for me for giving more idea,like BasicSalary,Medical,Loandry,Transport,Rent,GrossSalary,OverTime,Lunch from how can i extract individual for treat single field & add data type double for creating new table.I think u understood what I am looking for.
ZurdoDev 3-Jul-12 14:53pm    
Sorry, I do not understand. Can you explain more clearly?

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