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I have been using Telerik controls, I was using server binding, but I have to use Ajax binding, that is not working properly, I am getting Error "Error! The requested URL did not return JSON mvc"
Following is the Code in My Controller
        [Authorize(Roles = "Admin")]
        public ActionResult Edit(int id)
            Contact model = _cService.getContact(id, applicationID);
            if (model != null)
                return View(new GridModel());
            return View();

        // POST: /Contact/Edit/5
        public ActionResult Edit(int id, Contact model)
                _cService.SaveContact(model, applicationID); 
                return RedirectToAction("Index");
                return Json(new GridModel());
        public virtual JsonResult GetParents()
            return GetContactsByType(2);
        public virtual JsonResult GetContactsByType(int? id)
            List<contact> list;
            if (id.HasValue)
              list=  _cService.GetContactCollections(applicationID).Where(x => x.ContactTypeId == id.Value).ToList();
                list = _cService.GetContactCollections(applicationID).ToList();
            return new JsonResult
                Data = list,
                JsonRequestBehavior = JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet, // you may or may not need this line, depending upon your server config

and following Code in my view
            //  .ToolBar(commands => commands.Insert())
     .DataKeys(keys => keys.Add(c => c.Id))

      .DataBinding(dataBinding =>


          .Update("Edit", "Contact", new { mode = GridEditMode.InForm, type = GridButtonType.Text })
          .Delete("Delete", "Contact", new { mode = GridEditMode.InLine, type = GridButtonType.Text });

      .Columns(columns =>
          columns.Command(commands =>
        columns.Template(o=> @Html.ActionLink(o.LastName, "Details",new {id=o.Id})).Title("LastName").Width(130);
        columns.Bound(o => o.FirstName).Width(160);
        columns.Bound(o => o.Address).Width(110);
        columns.Bound(o => o.CellPhone).Width(110);
        columns.Bound(o => o.HomePhone).Width(110);


What I can do this Error, this error arise using Alert box, I have tried Modifying telerik.grid.min.js I have removed the line that,then it does not shows me error but also does not work.
Can somebody please give me Some suggestions.
Thank You
Christian Graus 18-Jul-12 19:06pm    
Given that you've bought the Telerik library, I'd think their support would be the best place to look for help with their controls
Christian Graus 18-Jul-12 19:07pm    
Looks like you've asked this on every site on the web, except the Telerik site...

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