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Dear all,

I am working on SURVEY PROJECT. (ASP.Net, C#, SQLSERVER 2005)

I have 15 Questions with Yes or NO Radio buttons on webform. its working fine and storing in database after submit button click.

Now , BESIDE that radio buttons I have a check box and TEXTBOX.

When i check(Tick) the Checkbox, The textbox should be displayed and User should enter the comments in the textbox and he should the submit it.

Note : if the user checks the CHECKBOX....the TEXTBOX must be displayed beside that checkbox....if not dont display.

Please can anybody can give the solution for this ?

Thank you very Much.
Updated 4-Jul-12 1:18am
AmitGajjar 4-Jul-12 6:30am    
You really need to improve your english language.

Did you try something? Try using the javascript for your requirement. You can see millions of examples in Google[^]
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<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
function forRentClicked(sender)
            var tb1 = document.getElementById('<%= TextBox1.ClientID %>');
   = sender.checked?'inline':'none';

<asp:checkbox id="CheckBox1" runat="server" onclick="forRentClicked(this)" checked="true" />
<asp:label id="Label1" runat="server" text="Rental rate per week:"></asp:label>
<asp:textbox id="TextBox1" runat="server" ></asp:textbox>[^]
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Use this i:

Make Checkbox Autopostback Property True. and textbox visible=false

Then Double click on Checkbox :

if not help to you , please post it.
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Ubaid ur Rahman IT 4-Jul-12 7:11am    
Thanks, it is Working Fine.
iamnishi 13-Jul-12 4:57am    
i didnt work out...
i have textbox and label and by checking the checkbox the text feild is still not visible. I have set the property of textbox false. and on checking the Checkbox it will become visible. but is it not happening. me out with a solution.
[no name] 14-Jul-12 0:16am    
plz give me your code to solve the problem .
Nandhu_nands 13-Jun-19 1:33am    
same thing how to do when i click ok button in message box

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