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Hi guys am back with another question.. I have a file name in DB and when i display the name i must show the filename+ size of it. The file path is inside my project itself.. So how can i get the filesize from the path so that i can display the file with name and as size...

Say the filename is Img.jpg and size is 5kb i must show like this Img.jpg(5kb)
[no name] 4-Jul-12 7:53am    

use System.IO.FileInfo and length property of it to get size of file.
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Manas Bhardwaj 4-Jul-12 8:00am    
ditto +5!
You can use FileInfo.Length. It gives file size in bytes.

FileInfo fileInfo = new FileInfo("Input.txt");
Console.Write(string.Format("{0} ({1}B)", fileInfo.Name, fileInfo.Length));
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Arjun Menon U.K 4-Jul-12 8:05am    
Manas what if ihave show it interms of KB or MB?
Manas Bhardwaj 4-Jul-12 8:08am    
Shouldn't be difficult:
1024 Bytes = 1 KiloByte
1024 KiloBytes = 1 MegaByte
Paul E Davies 4-Jul-12 8:13am    
Well there are 1024 bytes in 1 KB and 1024 KB in 1 MB so some simple division.

Too slow, that will teach me to do some work :)
Arjun Menon U.K 4-Jul-12 8:22am    
ok i know the math but just asking if there is any explicit conversion or so :P Cheers Bro
For file size use the FileInfo.Length Property[^].

More information generally on Common I/O Tasks[^].
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Hi ...

Try the below code;

FileUpload1.SaveAs(Server.MapPath("uploads\\").ToString () + FileUpload1.FileName);
           double filelength = FileUpload1.FileContent.Length;
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